I shopped all the rest but Hot Spring makes the best! Evergeen Spas & Saunas put the “serve” back in their customer service! They have answers to all your questions, and are always eager to help you before and after your purchase. I am extremely pleased with my spa and Evergreen.

Loa G. Myers

We purchased our Evergreen Spa just about a year ago and now we wish we would have done it 20 years ago! We can not believe the difference in our health, since we bought our Hot Spring spa, neither myself nor my husband have been back to the Chiropractor for a treatment (we used to go at least three times a month). We are in the spa everyday and have been since the first day it arrived. This has been the best investment we have ever made in ourselves and we highly encourage everyone to do this for themselves! Thank you Evergreen for the great product and support.

Marty and Peg Bontrager

In January 1994, we purchased the Hot Spring Soverign from Evergreen Spas & Saunas. In the next twelve years, we had only one small problem and it was taken care of promptly without charge. The spa has worked beautifully. In fact, we never drained the water in all that time and the water is still perfect. Of course we did add some water three or four times a year. We are very please with the quality of the spa and the service from Evergreen.

Ralph and Pat Rath

If I ever had to replace my spa, I would buy it from Evergreen Spas & Saunas just because of your customer service and the reputation of Hot Spring Spas. I have had three other brands of spas and the cost for electricity was twice as much!!! Thank you again for all the great help you have given me with my Hot Spring Spa.

David Radzikowski

Great quality, excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable about the products…wouldn’t buy a spa anywhere else.

Jeff Miller

Thank you for making the purchase of our new hot tub a pleasurable one. What an informative and pressure- free point of sale. You are very knowledgeable about the products and in tune to our needs.

What impressed us the most above and beyond your professionalism, was the fact that everything that we were told about the products and service were 100% true. It was delivered and set up right on time and we were completely educated on the care and upkeep of the spa. In a world of lip service instead of customer service, it is nice to see that there are still companies that do what they say.

Perry Olshein

After purchasing my Hot Spring Grandee from you, I have found that my entire family truly enjoys using the spa all year around. It is a great way to relax after working on my feet all day at the pharmacy. After draining and cleaning my spa, I discovered that it was not heating properly. I called your store for service on Tuesday morning at 9a.m. and the heater was fixed by 6:30 p.m. the same day and at no cost to me as it was covered under warranty. This is only the second time that I have had to have service and both times I have been very pleased with the quality and promptness of your service. If anyone asks for a referral from someone local that has a spa from you, I would be happy to speak with them on behalf of my positive experience. I invite you to post this letter as my testimonial.

Kevin VanAntwerp, St. Joseph, MI