Studies have shown that residents in California’s Central Valley pay some of the highest utility rates in the United States.

For this reason, California is becoming the nation’s fastest growing geographic regions for solar installations. With research showing utility rates historically rising at a rate of 6% per year over the last 30 years, the moment you go solar, you take control of your electrical cost and opt out of future utility increases.

Protecting Future Generations

The vast majority of power in the United States comes from dirty fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil. In fact, electricity is the leading man-made cause of global warming in the U.S. Even worse, 40% of greenhouse gases in the U.S. come from power plants, and an additional 15% comes from the consumption of that power in homes.

Solar allows you to power your home with a clean, renewable resource. Solar panels produce no emissions, which means you’re doing your part in creating a clean future for our future.

Clean Energy Independence

The demand for energy has unfortunately lead to foreign wars, volatile price increases, and catastrophic events such as oil spills. The solar system on your home will transform you into your own clean-power generator. You’re no longer associated with the negative attributes of fossil fuels and price increases—you’re in complete control of your clean future.